T. A. Moulton Barn


I am very proud of myself for getting up at 4 AM to go out an capture this image. It took about 45 minutes to drive from Jackson, Wyoming out to an area called Antelope Flats in Grand Teton National Park. Here one finds an old historic settlement called Mormon Row. The Mormons began moving here, from Idaho in the 1890's and settled to build homes and farms. They built irrigation ditches and levies for the farm fields. Beginning around 1908 T.A. Moulton and his brother John built barns to house their plow horses, and feed. The settlement was active from then until about 1950.

  We arrived just as the sun began to rise over the hills and pastures,  where there were herds of Bison gazing. I stopped to take a few photos of the great animals in the soft early morning light. and then drove about a half a mile down an old dirt road to the Mormon Row settlement. I located the perfect spot for my photo shoot of the historic T. A. Moulton Barn, the most photographed barn in the US. The sunlight was beginning to touch the tops of the Teton Mountains and the old weathered barn was bathed in the soft, warm early morning light. I moved around trying a couple of different angles and zoomed in and out. Then I created the image you see here and on my website. It works well with the Grand Teton Mountains in the background. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the old barn, and will see it on my website.