Cheetah Photograph



I went on a safari to Kenya and Tanzania 25 years ago, and that was a great experience. In 2014 I kept receiving travel brochures featuring trips to South Africa. The "animals were calling me " and I had to go to Africa again, especially since I had become a professional photographer. It cost a bundle to go on a semi-private Safari but I thought it would be well worth it. So we booked through Ultimate Africa  Safaris, and they designed a custom itinerary.  In April of 2014, I embarked on an adventure to Botswana. After an 18 hour flight, I landed in Johannesburg and the next day transferred to Maun, and then a very small plane to my first wilderness camp, Chatabi. The next morning six of us left camp in a study Landrover and into the bush with our excellent guide Anthony. Very soon our adventure began. This was a really exciting experience in that it took our guide, Anthony 45 minutes to track this beautiful cat and get us in a great position to photograph this Cheetah. I waited and waited for him to turn his head and look right at me. This image was exhibited in the international "Best of Nature show" at the Ordover Gallery in San Diego, California.