Elephant Portrait


It was day 1 of my safari to Botswana in April 2014. I and my five Landrover companions, loaded in with our professional guide, Anthony.  There are 3 tiered rows of seats so everyone has a clear view and an aisle seat.  Then we are off to the open bush, down a one lane dirt road. (Anthony told us to let him know if we get uneasy or nervous.) We drive for a few minutes and soon we see a male Elephant ambling down the road heading toward us. I started photographing, and he kept coming closer. Now he was 35 yards away, and I began to get concerned. I told our guide that I was getting a bit uneasy, and he said: "don't worry this Elephant is a young adolescent and he is just showing off".  I calmed myself and resumed photographing. At that point, he was about 25 yards away and I decided this was the perfect time to take a close up photo. I zoomed in until his ears just about filled the frame, and I adjusted my camera to focus on the Elephant and not the background. This created a portrait. I give a lot of credit to our guide for his professional knowledge of wild animal behavior. The rest of my safari was amazing to be out the wild animal's habitat. I took many other great safari animal photos, some of which are posted on my website. Please take a look.