Best of Glacier Bay

Travel, both domestic and foreign is such a pleasure and a privilege.  In mid-May of 2012, I went on my second trip to Alaska that took me north to Fairbanks, and Denali National Park. I wanted to see what was north of Jeanau and the cruise ship towns like Ketchikan etc., and  I was so glad I did. Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley) is amazing and I got up the nerve to fly around the peak in a small two engine plane. 20.230 Ft. Visit my website to see my photo of the mountain from 25 miles away. It is still massive. After Denali National Park (which I also recommend) I traveled south to by rail to board a cruise ship, and we soon cruised past the snowy frozen white mountains of Glacier Bay. Many of the glaciers are just beautiful, but the one shown here in my photograph was the best one I saw. It is huge, wide, and brilliant white.  It is actually a newer glacier and an older one that now looks black. The dark-light contrast was a real challenge to capture with out losing detail in the black against the white.  I love this photograph and it is one of my "signature" shots. It also appears on my website